Half Moon Series - Saturday Class

2023 Schedule
06.24.2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Peaceful Moon Yoga


Supplement your basic yoga skills with the Peaceful Moon Half Moon Series. The Half Moon series is a full body yoga workout involves a series of foundational Hatha yoga postures coordinating breath and movement, and focusing on building strength, flexibility and balance in an inspirational environment. Students are encouraged to practice this series at their own level, and it is a series that can easily be practiced at home to strengthen and deepen your postures. The postures in this series remain the same; students can track their progress with each class.
Participants should wear comfortable, breathable clothing and bring a yoga mat or a blanket (yoga mat preferred). Blankets and any other “creature comforts” for modifications and/or savasana (final resting pose) are also welcome.

Location information

Peaceful Moon Yoga

1789 South Cedar Street
Imlay City
Michigan 48444