Catherine ‘Cat’ Minolli was introduced to Hatha yoga in the 1990s, with her first teacher lighting the spark for a lifelong love affair with the discipline. She was introduced to hot yoga in 2010. The love affair deepened.
A certified, registered yoga instructor, Catherine received expert training in Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa, Yin, Venus and Hatha through Porsche Fischer’s Functional Yoga Academy at Clarkston Hot Yoga. Catherine—frequently called ‘Cat’—believes in sharing the mind, body, spirit connection of yoga to facilitate peace of mind and happiness while improving strength, flexibility and balance. She is listed on the Yoga Alliance registry.
A poet at heart and writer by trade, Cat designed the Peaceful Moon Yoga practice so that students leave class feeling stronger, lighter, and more balanced and uplifted in body, mind and spirit.

"With deep gratitude to my family, to Zizi, and all the teachers who appear on the path."